Start meditation practice today

meditation can have great benefits for your life. giving you a more relax and happy lookout for life. meditation can be pretty easy to learn, forget about old gurus with long beards. you don’t need to be a part of a cult or a religion, all you need are a few things and you can start your meditation journey today.


5-10 minutes of your time

make about 5 or 10 minutes of time, shut down your phone, close your eyes and begin counting your breath from 1 till 4. slowly your mind will ease into it.

here is a quick guide for zen meditation

A good mediation cushion

You will see need a good and stable zafu or other meditation cushion to support your back and your legs during your sit. a firm and nice cushion can be the different between a good and rewarding mediation sitting and having back pain and bad time.

some good pillows can be found on amazon and you can see some reviews here