Two Different Focuses of Muscle Advance Formulas

If you’re looking to bulk up and get your muscles toned and taut, you’re bound to have heard that the supplements offered up by Muscle Advance are the way to go. These supplements generally focus on helping you to gain weight in the form of pure, solid muscle.

But the big question is: Which Muscle Advance supplements should you be taking?

With two main types out there, i.e. the Muscle Advance Weight Gainer and Muscle Advance Whey Protein variety – the difference between the two may not be that obvious initially. But on closer inspection, you should start to see what makes them both so unique.

Muscle Advance Weight Gainer

This is a formula by Muscle Advance where weight gains are the one and only priority. As such, everything about it is tailor made to provide your body with high amounts of both protein and carbohydrates so that it can cash in on the results of your workouts.

In each and every serving you’ll find that there are 52g of protein, 94g of carbs and a grand total of about 810 calories. That should certainly start helping you to pack on the weight.

On top of that you’ll find that there are numerous other nutrients packed into this formula as well, such as glutamine peptides, vitamins, minerals, purified bovine colostrum, digestive enzymes and much more.

All of these are intended to make the Muscle Advance Weight Gainer formula as complete as possible and help you to pack on pound after pound of solid muscle.

Muscle Advance Whey Protein

Have you heard of whey protein in the past? This is a mixture of protein isolated from whey, and it has been making waves as a health supplement that produces some interesting effects when it comes to gaining muscle mass.

The general consensus is that whey protein helps the body gain more from the effects of exercise, which is why the Muscle Advance Whey Protein formula focuses on giving your body as much of it as possible.

Because of the increased gains that you’ll see from whey protein, carbohydrates are less necessary and so this formula has low-carbs but does contain a lot of other ingredients such as collagen, bovine colostrum, multivitamins, and digestive enzymes.

Also, because of the content of whey protein this particular formula from Muscle Advance also contains Branched Chain Amino Acids – which help repair and rebuild muscle tissue after workouts and are responsible for your bulking up!

As you can see, both of these Muscle Advance formulas are worth looking into in their own right, and it is going to be up to you to decide which one is the right one for your purposes.

Who knows – you might even want to try both and see which provides the best weight gain!